Michael Chapman - Pleasures Of The Street (1975) {2000, Remastered & Expanded}

Michael Chapman - Pleasures Of The Street (1975) {2000, Remastered & Expanded}
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Folk, Folk Rock, Blues Rock, Singer-Songwriter | Mooncrest Records #CRESTCD 047 Z

Pleasures takes us back to the live album of that name culled from two evenings of concerts in Hamburg in August 1975 and is a reissue of that album together with five extra cuts from the same sets (three of which duplicate songs featured earlier in alternate performances). This is definitive mid-70s Chapman, here featured first in solo acoustic mode then from track five onwards with a band (Keef Hartley, Steffi Stephen and Achim Reichel), arguably at the zenith of the soulful-rockin’ phase of his career.

Michael Chapman - Sweet Powder & Wrytree Drift (2020)  Music

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Michael Chapman - Sweet Powder & Wrytree Drift (2020)

Michael Chapman - Sweet Powder & Wrytree Drift (2020)
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Folk Rock, Folk, Americana | Mooncrest Records #CRESTCD 107

These two albums are part of a clutch of albums Michael made when he was between record companies and which he recorded for his own production company Rural Retreat Records. Rural Retreat West Virginia, on the old Virgin Creeper Line, was the subject of one of O.Winston Link's famous "train" pics of whom MC is a huge fan. We made the pilgrimage on one of our US road trips hence the name. 2xCD + Booklet in 6 panel Digipack with sleeve notes by Andru Chapman.
Alexandra Nigito, Capella Tiberina, Lisandro Abadie, Domen Marincic & Sam Chapman - Pasquini (2022)

Alexandra Nigito, Capella Tiberina, Lisandro Abadie, Domen Marincic & Sam Chapman - Pasquini: L'ombra di solimano, Cantatas for Bass and Continuo (2022)
WEB FLAC (tracks) - 425 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps - 166 Mb | Digital booklet | 01:10:59
Classical | Label: Brilliant Classics

Renowned in his day as a virtuoso keyboard player, Bernardo Pasquini (1637-1710) was the most important Italian composer of keyboard music between Frescobaldi and Domenico Scarlatti. In that capacity his output has output has been surveyed by Brilliant Classics with authoritative collections of his sonatas for harpsichord (94286) and for two organs (94347). However, Pasquini also composed more than 70 cantatas – most of them for one and two voices with continuo accompaniment, of the concise and dramatic kind written by the young Handel after he arrived in Rome in 1706.

Michael Chapman - Plaindealer / The Twisted Road (2020)  Music

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Michael Chapman - Plaindealer / The Twisted Road (2020)

Michael Chapman - Plaindealer / The Twisted Road (2020)
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Folk Rock, Americana | Mooncrest Records #CRESTCD 104

Reissue double pack of two of Michael Chapman's releases. Includes 1999's Twisted Road and 2005's Plaindealer. Michael Robert Chapman is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist. Chapman originally began playing guitar with jazz bands, mainly in his home town of Leeds in The West Riding of Yorkshire. He became well known in the folk clubs of the late 1960s, as well as on the 'progressive' music scene, and has recorded over 40 albums to date. In 2016 Chapman celebrated 50 years as a professional musician. He still plays professionally and regularly tours in the UK, Europe and US.
Michael Chapman - Trainsong: Guitar Compositions 1967-2010 (2011)

Michael Chapman - Trainsong: Guitar Compositions 1967-2010 (2011)
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Folk, Folk Rock, Acoustic | Tompkins Square #TSQ2530

Serving as both accomplished career overview and a live-in-the-studio effort that covers two and a half hours and over 40 years of work, Trainsong is a seemingly effortless release, such is the apparent delicacy and grace of Michael Chapman's performing throughout. As Charles Shaar Murray's combatively entertaining liner notes acknowledge, Chapman couldn't play at least one favored piece due to a recent injury. What is on offer, however, is the kind of reflective, elegant playing on both acoustic and electric guitar one would expect from any instrumentalist after decades of experience. From the start, the tender flow of notes on "The Last Polish Breakfast," almost a portrait of sunrise on sparkling water, Chapman seems to be both celebrating his past and claiming a space in the present.

Michael Chapman - Americana (2000/2002} {2019, Reissue}  Music

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Michael Chapman - Americana (2000/2002} {2019, Reissue}

Michael Chapman - Americana (2000/2002} {2019, Reissue}
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Folk Rock, Folk, Country, Americana | Mooncrest Records #CRESTCD102

Chapman has long had a fascination, not just with American music, but the American South and West. So an album explicitly inspired by the country should come as no surprise. The joy is how much it highlights his fabulous guitar picking. “Sweet Little Friend from Georgia” and “Coming of the Roads” might seem relatively straightforward, but the more epic “Swamp” and “Gaddo’s Lake” delve into decidedly complex territory; in fact, the impressionistic “Swamp” is probably the record’s centerpiece. As an instrumental portrait of the southern states it’s loving, very finely honed, and played in a way that reminds you that Chapman is one of the best, and most undervalued, guitarists around. Even if “Jumping Geordie” has its origins on the other side of the Atlantic, it still fits in. For longtime fans, “Indian Annie’s Kitchen” brings back some memories of “Kodak Ghosts,” and throughout small touchstones of blues, country, and jazz slip by.

Michael Chapman - Live At Folk Cottage, Cornwall 1967 (2014)  Music

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Michael Chapman - Live At Folk Cottage, Cornwall 1967 (2014)

Michael Chapman - Live At Folk Cottage, Cornwall 1967 (2014)
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Folk, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter | Treehouse44 #TH44CD0201

Limited Edition 2CD Set of unreleased recordings. Treehouse 44 release the first known recordings by British folk guitar hero Michael Chapman. Previously unreleased, these are the earliest known recordings of this great British guitar hero, or as Michael Chapman calls it "The album I had no idea I had made!" This follows on the heels of Light in The Attic'c catalogue re-issue programme. TreeHouse44 has worked closely with Michael Chapman, being allowed full access to his private archive, to produce a unique album that captures the earliest stages in the career of this phenomenal artist. The story of how Michael Chapman turned pro as a musician, walking into a Cornish pub and offering to play a gig in return for shelter from the rain outside is both well known and well told.

Michael Chapman - Navigation (1995)  Music

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Michael Chapman - Navigation (1995)

Michael Chapman - Navigation (1995)
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Folk Rock, Singer-Songwriter | KDC Records #KDC 10029

With a delivery that makes John Martyn sound like a Shakespearian voice coach, the one-time hero of the early Harvest days returns with a small band (Steeleye Span's Rick Kemp and Lindisfarne's Ray Laidlaw) and his best album in years. Indeed, the old obsessions (loneliness, love, drinking, injustice) have not been explored this convincingly since 1970's Fully Qualified Survivor. It Ain't So is an understated grumble of a song, feeding off an insistent minor riff; The North Will Rise unexpectedly introduces northern dissaffection to a reggae beat; while Hard Times has a riff and solo that recall Chapman's ex-guitarist, Mick Ronson. If anything, the ballads hit even harder, particularly Drinking Alone and the title track, where humanity and old-fashioned canniness produce a song to break hearts old and young.
Michael Chapman - Fully Qualified Survivor (1970) {2011, Remastered}

Michael Chapman - Fully Qualified Survivor (1970) {2011, Remastered}
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Folk Rock, Folk, Psychedelic Rock, Singer-Songwriter | Light In The Attic Records / Harvest #LITA 060

After the critical acclaim Michael Chapman received for Rainmaker in 1969, he followed up quickly in early 1970 with Fully Qualified Survivor, a record more adventurous and haunting than its predecessor, with added production flourishes and equally strong songs. Fully Qualified Survivor is the album that established Chapman as a folk troubadour. Leaving the guitar pyrotechnics largely locked in a shed, Chapman concentrated instead on his songwriting skills, and the sacrifice—for this record anyway—paid off. Leaving the lead guitar credits to a fellow Hull-man, Mick Ronson (who got his gig with David Bowie as a result of his playing on this album), with Rick Kemp making a return as bassist and Barry Morgan on drums, Chapman relied on no less than Paul Buckmaster—then beginning to work with Elton John, among others—to employ and arrange a small string section to fill out the songs.

Michael Chapman - 50 (2017) *PROPER*  Music

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Michael Chapman - 50 (2017) *PROPER*

Michael Chapman - 50 (2017)
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Folk, Country, Folk Rock, Singer-Songwriter | Paradise Of Bachelors #PoB-29

In the press release that accompanies Michael Chapman's 2017 album 50, the iconic British guitarist refers to it as his "American album." While the material does sound less idiosyncratically British than much of Chapman's body of work, 50 could be more accurately described as his indie rock album. He's best known as a master of the acoustic guitar, but on these sessions, the dominant instrument is the electric guitar of Steve Gunn, who also produced the sessions. Gunn assembled a band of like-minded musicians whose passions encompass indie rock, experimental rock, and the more abstract corner of Americana, and while Chapman's impassioned vocals ride over the top and his acoustic guitar is audible in the mix, the band doesn't bow to Chapman so much as encourage him to keep up with them.