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John Mellencamp - Strictly A One-Eyed Jack (2022)  Music

Posted by delpotro at March 8, 2023
John Mellencamp - Strictly A One-Eyed Jack (2022)

John Mellencamp - Strictly A One-Eyed Jack (2022)
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Heartland Rock | Label: Republic Records

John Mellencamp’s 25th studio album, Strictly A One-Eyed Jack was written and produced by Mellencamp, recorded at his Belmont Mall Studios in Indiana, and recorded/mixed by GRAMMY-award winner David Leonard. It features a number of longtime band members including Andy York, Dane Clark, Mike Wanchic, Troye Kinnett, and more. It also features three collaborations with Bruce Springsteen including the landmark duet “Wasted Days.”

John Mellencamp - Plain Spoken (2014)  Music

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John Mellencamp - Plain Spoken (2014)

John Mellencamp - Plain Spoken (2014)
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Americana, Folk Rock, Heartland Rock | Label: Republic | # B0021723-02 | 00:43:43

Plain Spoken is the first album from the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer since 2010 s critically acclaimed, No Better Than This which landed in the Top 10 of Billboard s Top 200 during release week and garnered the honor of becoming one of Rolling Stone s Best Albums of 2010. Grammy winning musician John Mellencamp has touched the heart and souls of music listeners and influenced American Culture with enduring songs, he is also one of the most successful live concert performers in the world. A man with a conscience, he used his visibility and influence to advocate an issue that hit close to home and became one of the founding members of Farm Aid, an organization that began in 1985 to raise awareness about the loss of family farm. The Farm Aid concerts have raised over $45 million to promote a resilient family farm system of agriculture.
John Mellencamp - Words & Music: John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits (2004) Repost / New Rip

John Mellencamp - Words & Music: John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits (2004)
2CD | EAC Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 1,12 Gb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 373 Mb
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Roots Rock / Heartland Rock / Folk Rock / Country Rock / Pop Rock / Hard Rock / Arena Rock
Island / UTV Records #9864810

John Mellencamp has been in need of a thorough, career-spanning compilation for a while, and Island/UTV's 2004 release Words & Music: John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits finally fills that gap. His previous hits collection, 1997's The Best That I Could Do, was too short, since he had more hits than could fit on a brief 14-track disc. Words & Music doesn't have the problem of brevity. Spanning 37 songs over two discs, this has nearly all of his charting hits. Radio hits like "Justice and Independence '85" and "Rooty Toot Toot" may be absent, but they're not missed, since all the big hits are here, including "Pink Houses," "Lonely Ol' Night," "Paper in Fire," "Authority Song," "Crumblin' Down," "Small Town," "Hurts So Good," and "Jack & Diane," among many others (including two solid new songs).

John Mellencamp - John Mellencamp (1998)  Music

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John Mellencamp - John Mellencamp (1998)

John Mellencamp - John Mellencamp (1998)
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Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Americana

Although Mercury Records had delivered five consecutive platinum albums for John Mellencamp, he left the label in 1997, complaining about its inability to break hit singles for him anymore, and signed to Columbia Records. His self-titled label debut, issued the day before his 47th birthday, seemed intended to mark a new beginning for an artist who had managed more than one career rebirth…

John Mellencamp - On The Rural Route 7609 (2010) {4CD Box Set}  Music

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John Mellencamp - On The Rural Route 7609 (2010) {4CD Box Set}

John Mellencamp - On The Rural Route 7609 (2010) {4CD Box Set}
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Scans Included | 03:18:53 | RAR 5% Recovery
Island Records / Mercury / Universal Music #B0013193-02
Roots Rock / Heartland Rock / Folk Rock

Only John Mellencamp, whose career began with a series of wrong turns, raw determination, and the audaciousness to demand he be taken seriously could create a box set as strange, representative, and labyrinthine as On the Rural Route 7609. In the era of the “track,” Mellencamp has issued a massive, beautifully packaged, and exhaustively annotated four-disc career retrospective that doesn’t lean on his hits (many aren’t here), but rather on more obscure album cuts, outtakes, rarities (17 selections make their debuts here), and more recent material – numerous selections come from 2007’s Freedom’s Road and 2008’s Life Love Death and Freedom. In Anthony DeCurtis' excellent liner essay/interview, Mellencamp claims he isn’t “trying to prove anything. . . it was a way for them to discover songs of mine that perhaps were overlooked because of the songs that were so popular on the radio.” Given his choice of material, he may not feel that his career-long demand has been met yet.

John Mellencamp - Human Wheels (1993)  Music

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John Mellencamp - Human Wheels (1993)

John Mellencamp - Human Wheels (1993)
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Rock | Mercury / BMG #314 518 088-2 / D 183522 | US

Following the stripped-down rock & roll of Whenever We Wanted, the somber Human Wheels comes as a bit of shock. Throughout his mid-'80s peak, John Mellencamp infused his best work with despair, but he never has sounded as beaten and broken as he does on Human Wheels. It's not just that the record sounds murky and bleak, but his singing is weary and the lyrics are filled with resignation. Consequently, Human Wheels isn't a particularly easy listen, even though it doesn't depart from his signature sound, but it is a rewarding one, and the record is arguably his most affecting.

John Mellencamp - Unplugged (Live 1992) (2021)  Music

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John Mellencamp - Unplugged (Live 1992) (2021)

John Mellencamp - Unplugged (Live 1992) (2021)
MP3 320 kbps | 2:02:58 | 278 Mb
Genre: Folk Rock / Label: Freefall Records

Born in Seymour, Indiana on October 7, 1951, John Mellencamp established himself in the line of Bruce Springsteen, when he began his career under the name John Cougar. The success coming, he takes his baptismal name and imposes his brilliant voice in a repertoire between blues and rock, mixed with country influences. His most significant successes came at the turn of the 1980s with the albums Scarecrow (1985) and The Lonesome Jubilee (1987). Known for his political commitments on the democratic side, he remains a popular performer in the United States, lacking such great notoriety in Europe. His political consciousness is still widely present in his albums of the 2000s, notably on Life, Death, Love and Freedom (2008), which succeeded the cover album Trouble No More (2003). His musical style, at the crucible of several traditions, became immutable with the albums No Better Than This (2010), Plain Spoken (2014) and Sad Clowns & Hillbillies (2017), followed by a new concentrate of covers, Other People's Stuff (2018).

John Mellencamp - The Best That I Could Do 1978-1988 (1997)  Music

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John Mellencamp - The Best That I Could Do 1978-1988 (1997)

John Mellencamp - The Best That I Could Do 1978-1988 (1997)
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Scans Included | 00:58:50 | RAR 5% Recovery
Rock | Mercury Records #P2-36738 | US

The Best That I Could Do is an appropriately self-deprecating title for John Mellencamp's greatest-hits collection, considering that the heartland rocker never seemed too convinced of his own worth. Of course, he had to struggle to get any respect after he was saddled with the stage name Johnny Cougar early in his career, but this 14-track collection proves that he was one of the best, unabashed straight-ahead rockers of the '80s. The 14 tracks here actually turn out to be a little too short to contain all of his great singles – songs like "Rain on the Scarecrow," "Rumbleseat," "Pop Singer," "Again Tonight," and "What If I Came Knocking" are left off the collection (there's nothing from 1988's Big Daddy at all) – but it's hard to argue with what's here.

John Mellencamp - The Good Samaritan Tour 2000 (2021)  Music

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John Mellencamp - The Good Samaritan Tour 2000 (2021)

John Mellencamp - The Good Samaritan Tour 2000 (2021)
EAC Rip | FLAC (tracks+log+.cue) - 296 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps - 117 Mb | 00:43:23
Folk Rock, Heartland Rock | Label: Republic Records

John Mellencamp releases live album and documentary titled: The Good Samaritan Tour. The documentary, which will be narrated by Academy® Award winner Matthew McConaughey, chronicles Mellencamp’s historic free tour in 2000 when he performed on street corners and in public parks across the country. The new music is just one of many new projects Mellencamp has been working on including original plays, paintings and more.

John Mellencamp - Live on the fourth of july '92 (2020)  Music

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John Mellencamp - Live on the fourth of july '92 (2020)

John Mellencamp - Live on the fourth of july '92 (2020)
FLAC tracks | 2:01:15 | 823 Mb
Genre: Country Rock / Label: The Media Champ

John Mellencamp was born in Seymour, Indiana on October 7, 1951. He started out for a brief period of time as a glam rocker, but then tried out for a solo career with his first album Chestnut Street Incident released by former David Bowie manager, Tony DeFries on the Mainman (division of MCA) label. That album was a complete flop partly due to the fact that the record label wanted to mold John into something he was not (a pretty boy ala James Dean) and the fact that the album mostly consisted of cover songs.