Savoy Brown

Savoy Brown - Voodoo Moon (2011)  Music

Posted by popsakov at March 9, 2022
Savoy Brown - Voodoo Moon (2011)

Savoy Brown - Voodoo Moon (2011)
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Blues Rock | Ruf Records #RUF 1173 | Unofficial Release

Considering his 45 and counting years doggedly playing blues and blues-rock with a mind-numbing assortment of backing musicians in Savoy Brown, it's unfortunate and unfair that U.K. guitarist Kim Simmonds isn't given more respect in the music world. That is partially due to bad choices and an array of ordinary, sometimes subpar albums that have cropped up on a variety of small or difficult-to-find imprints throughout the decades. Simmonds has trudged on, beaten but undeterred in the understanding that he will likely never regain the theater-headlining status his group achieved in its late-'60s/early-'70s prime.

Savoy Brown - Strange Dreams (2003)  Music

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Savoy Brown - Strange Dreams (2003)

Savoy Brown - Strange Dreams (2003)
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Blues-Rock, British Blues | Label: Blind Pig | # BPCD5082 | Time: 00:45:54

Except for founding leader/guitarist Kim Simmonds, this long-lived band's 2003 lineup bears no resemblance to the original British group formed in 1966. Still, Savoy Brown deserves credit simply for recording a respectable, even high-quality blues album over 35 years into its existence. Hot off a terrific solo acoustic release, 2001's Blues Like Midnight, a reinvigorated Simmonds signed with high-profile indie Blind Pig and churned out a classy set of smooth yet compelling electric blues. Not as soul-based as in the past, strains of funk ("(Hard Time) Believing in You"), R&B ("Can't Take It With You"), and rock ("When It Rains") help push the group beyond its lackluster and obscure efforts from the past decade. Savoy Brown was least successful when its muscular, amped-up boogie was forced and stilted; yet here the sound is warm and organic.
Savoy Brown - 'Street Corner Talking' (1971) + 'Hellbound Train' (1972) 2 LP in 1 CD, Remastered 2006

Savoy Brown - 'Street Corner Talking' (1971) + 'Hellbound Train' (1972) [2 LP in 1 CD, 2006]
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 479 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 175 Mb | Scans ~ 68 Mb
Blues-Rock, British Blues, Classic Rock | Label: BGO | # BGOCD717 | Time: 01:16:37

2006 digitally re-mastered two-fer from the legendary Savoy Brown featuring two of their most popular albums (Street Corner Talking from 1971 and Hellbound Train from '72). The line-up on these albums feature the ever-present Kim Simmonds on guitar with Dave Walker (vocals), Andy Sylvester (bass), Paul Raymond (keyboards) and Dave Bidwell (drums), all of the formerly of Chicken Shack! Standard jewel box in a slipcase with extensive liner notes.

Savoy Brown - City Night (2019) *PROPER*  Music

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Savoy Brown - City Night (2019) *PROPER*

Savoy Brown - City Night (2019)
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Blues Rock | Quarto Valley Records #QVR 0114

Over 50 years of rocking the blues, Savoy Brown, with leader Kim Simmonds at the helm, return with 'City Night', their 40th album. On the back of a number one Billboard blues hit in 2017, expectations are high for this new band offering. The album features Kim Simmonds on vocals and searing lead guitar and he is complemented with the most consistent lineup in the bands history, going strong for more than 10 years now. 'City Night' is comprised of 12 high energy blues rock songs to surely please the worldwide fan base. "Walking On Hot Stones", Payback Time" and "Don't Hang Me Out To Dry" will catch the attention of radio DJ's looking for the fresh new sound the Savoy Brown brings to roots music.

Savoy Brown - Ain't Done Yet (2020)  Vinyl & HR

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Savoy Brown - Ain't Done Yet (2020)

Savoy Brown - Ain't Done Yet (2020)
Vinyl Rip | 24-bit/88.2 kHz | Flac(Tracks) > 760 Mb | Artwork > 5.36 Mb
Quarto Valley Records, QVR 0130 | Blues Rock

~ Vinyl, LP, Album, Takt Direct Pressing ~
Savoy Brown - Taking the Blues Back Home Savoy Brown Live in America (2020)

Savoy Brown - Taking the Blues Back Home Savoy Brown Live in America (2020)
FLAC tracks | 02:06:13 | 1,1 Gb
Genre: Blues Rock / Label: Indigo Records

Part of the late-'60s blues-rock movement, Britain's Savoy Brown never achieved as much success in their homeland as they did in America, where they promoted their albums with nonstop touring. The band was formed and led by guitarist Kim Simmonds, whose dominating personality led to myriad personnel changes; the original lineup included singer Bryce Portius, keyboardist Bob Hall, guitarist Martin Stone, bassist Ray Chappell, and drummer Leo Manning.

Savoy Brown - Looking In (1970) Reissue 1990  Music

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Savoy Brown - Looking In (1970) Reissue 1990

Savoy Brown - Looking In (1970) Reissue 1990
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Blues-Rock, Boogie Rock, British Blues | Label: Deram | # 844 017-2 | 00:39:38

Savoy Brown's blues-rock sound takes on a much more defined feel on 1970's Looking In and is one of this band's best efforts. Kim Simmonds is utterly bewildering on guitar, while Lonesome Dave Peverett does a fine job taking over lead singing duties from Chris Youlden who left halfway through the year. But it's the captivating arrangements and alluring ease of the music that makes this a superb listen. The pleading strain transformed through Simmonds' guitar on "Money Can't Save Your Soul" is mud-thick with raw blues, and the comfort of "Sunday Night" is extremely smooth and laid back. "Take It Easy" sounds like it could have been a B.B. King tune as it's doused with relaxed guitar fingering. The entire album is saturated with a simple, British blues sound but the pace and the marbled strands of bubbly instrumental perkiness fill it with life. Even the Yardbirds-flavored "Leaving Again" is appealing with its naïve hooks, capped off with a heart-stopping guitar solo. This album along with Street Corner Talking best exemplify Savoy Brown's tranquilizing style.

Savoy Brown - Raw Sienna (1970) {1990, Reissue}  Music

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Savoy Brown - Raw Sienna (1970) {1990, Reissue}

Savoy Brown - Raw Sienna (1970) {1990, Reissue}
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Classic Rock, Blues Rock | Deram #844 016-2

This high-water mark by the band finds them softening their rougher edges and stretching out into jazz territory, yet still retaining a blues foundation. There's not a bad cut here, with enough variety (bottleneck slide, acoustic guitar, horns, and strings) to warrant frequent late-night listenings. "A Hard Way to Go," "Needle and Spoon," and "Stay While the Night Is Young" are especially strong, as are two instrumental numbers. Unfortunately, leader Kim Simmonds lost his greatest asset when vocalist Chris Youlden quit for an ill-fated solo career after this recording. Youlden had one of the most distinctive voices in British blues, and Savoy would never fully recover from his exit.

Savoy Brown - Shake Down (1967) {1990, Remastered}  Music

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Savoy Brown - Shake Down (1967) {1990, Remastered}

Savoy Brown - Shake Down (1967) {1990, Remastered}
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Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock | Deram #820 921-2

Shake Down is the debut studio album by the British blues rock band Savoy Brown. It was released in 1967 (on Decca SKL 4883) under the name of Savoy Brown Blues Band and is mainly an album of covers, featuring three songs penned by blues singer Willie Dixon. In addition to Dixon, the band covers John Lee Hooker and B.B. King. Savoy Brown (Originally, Savoy Brown Blues Band) are an English blues rock band formed by guitarist Kim Simmonds and harmonica player John O'Leary, in Battersea, south west London in 1965. Part of the late 1960s blues rock movement, Savoy Brown primarily achieved success in the United States, where they promoted their albums with non-stop touring. After leaving Savoy Brown, musicians became members of groups such as Yes, Fleetwood Mac, UFO and Foghat.

Savoy Brown - A Step Further (1969) {1990, Remastered}  Music

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Savoy Brown - A Step Further (1969) {1990, Remastered}

Savoy Brown - A Step Further (1969) {1990, Remastered}
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Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock, British Blues | Deram #844015-2

With Kim Simmonds and Chris Youlden combining their talents in Savoy Brown's strongest configuration, 1969's A Step Further kept the band in the blues-rock spotlight after the release of their successful Blue Matter album. While A Step Further may not be as strong as the band's former release, all five tracks do a good job at maintaining their spirited blues shuffle. Plenty of horn work snuggles up to Simmonds' guitar playing and Youlden's singing is especially hearty on "Made up My Mind" and "I'm Tired." The first four tracks are bona fide Brown movers, but they can't compete with the 20-plus minutes of "Savoy Brown Boogie," one of the group's best examples of their guitar playing prowess and a wonderful finale to the album.