Nightwatching (2007)  Movies

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Nightwatching (2007)

Nightwatching (2007)
A film by Peter Greenaway
1080p BDRip | mkv | x265 HEVC @ 1412 Kbps, 25 fps | 1920 x 816 | 2h 15min | 2.10 GB
6-ch English DTS @ 768 Kbps | Subtitle: English
Genre: Biography, Drama, History

An extravagant, exotic and moving look at Rembrandt's romantic and professional life, and the controversy he created by the identification of a murderer in the painting 'The Night Watch'.

The Baby of Mâcon (1993)  Movies

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The Baby of Mâcon (1993)

The Baby of Mâcon (1993)
A film by Peter Greenaway
720p BDRip | mkv | x265 HEVC @ 1266 Kbps, 24.0 FPS | 1278 x 544 | 2h 1min | 1.77 GB
Audio: English DTS 2.0 @ 768 Kbps, 16-bit | Subtitle: English
Genres: Drama, History, Erotic

A movie about the corruption in all levels of society. A baby is born from a supposed-to-be virgin woman, so a chain of hysteria about divine intervention in the birth takes place.

Rembrandt's J'Accuse...!  Movies

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Rembrandt's J'Accuse...!

Rembrandt's J'Accuse...! (2008)
J'accuse is an 'essay-istic' documentary in which Greenaway's fierce criticism of today's visual illiteracy is argued by means of a forensic search of Rembrandt's Nightwatch. Greenaway explains the background, the context, the conspiracy, the murder and the motives of all its 34 painted characters who have conspired to kill for their combined self-advantage. Greenaway leads us through Rembrandt's paintings into 17th century Amsterdam. He paints a world that is democratic in principle, but is almost entirely ruled by twelve families. The notion exists of these regents as charitable and compassionate beings. However, reality was different.
Documentary  Mystery 
The COI Collection Volume 2: Design for Today (1944-1977) [British Film Institute]

The COI Collection Volume 2: Design for Today (1944-1977) [British Film Institute]
DVD Video, 2 х DVD9 | ~ 227 mn | PAL 4:3 | 720x576 | 14.7 Gb
English: Dolby AC3, 2 ch | Subtitles: English
Genre: Short, Documentary, Drama

Established in 1946, the Central Office of Information (COI) was a successor to the wartime Ministry of Information and was responsible for producing thousands of films which celebrated Britain, its people and their achievements.

Eisenstein in Guanajuato (2015)  Movies

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Eisenstein in Guanajuato (2015)

Eisenstein in Guanajuato (2015)
BRRip 720p | 1h 45mn | 1280x536 | MP4 AVC@1500kbps 24.00fps | AAC@224Kbps 6CH 48KHz | 1.28 GiB
BRRip 1080p | 1h 45mn | 1920x808 | MP4 AVC@2500kbps 24.00fps | AAC@224Kbps 6CH 48KHz | 2.01 GiB
BDRip 1080p | 1h 45mn | 1920x808 | MKV AVC@10.4Mbps 24.00fps | DTS@1509Kbps 6CH 48KHz | 8.74 GiB
Language: English | Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama | Subtitles: English (BDRip only)

The venerated filmmaker Eisenstein is comparable in talent, insight and wisdom, with the likes of Shakespeare or Beethoven; there are few - if any - directors who can be elevated to such heights.

The Curious World of Hieronymus Bosch (2016)  Movies

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The Curious World of Hieronymus Bosch (2016)

The Curious World of Hieronymus Bosch (2016)
DVDRip | MKV | 716 x 480 | AVC @ 1544 Kbps | 89 min | 1.13 Gb
Audio: English AC3 2.0 @ 224 Kbps | Subs: French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish (embedded)
Genre: Documentary | UK

The Curious World of Hieronymus Bosch features the exhibition ‘Jheronimus Bosch - Visions of Genius’ at Het Noordbrabants Museum in the southern Netherlands, which brought the majority of Bosch’s paintings and drawings together for the first time to his home town of Den Bosch and attracted almost half a million art lovers from all over the world. With his fascinating life revealed plus the details and stories within his works seen like never before, don’t miss this cinematic exploration of a great creative genius.

The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover (1989)  Movies

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The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover (1989)

The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover (1989)
DVDrip | MKV H264-850 | AAC@160 | 720x304 | 2 Audio tracks: English_1 French_2 | Sub: French (emb.) | DVD Cover | 1h59 | 1.0 Gb
Crime, Drama | UK, France 1989 | Director Peter GREENAWAY

Tired of her husband's boorish lifestyle and difficult attitude, the wife of a barbaric crime boss engages in a secret romance with a bookish patron between meals at her husband's restaurant, sneaking in liaisons while he and his thugs dine.