Esa-Pekka Salonen, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Magnus Lindberg: Piano Concerto; Kraft (2004)

Esa-Pekka Salonen, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Magnus Lindberg: Piano Concerto; Kraft (2004)
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue & Log) ~ 255 Mb | Total time: 59:41 | Scans included
Classical | Label: Ondine | # ODE 1017-2 | Recorded: 2003

This CD features Esa-Pekka Salonen and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra with two major important works by Finnish composer Magnus Lindberg. The composer himself plays the solo part in the Piano Concerto (1990-94). The large-scale orchestral piece KRAFT (1983-85) features the Toimii Ensemble, in which Lindberg plays piano and percussion. This group was founded by Lindberg and Salonen in 1981 and has provided the composer with a laboratory for his sonic development. KRAFT meant for Lindberg the compositional breakthrough and earned him the UNESCO rostrum in 1986 and the Nordic Music Prize in 1988. Magnus Lindberg here performs on piano as a member of the Tomii Ensemble.
Christian Lindberg, Iceland Symphony Orchestra - Christian Lindberg Conducts Jan Sandstrom (2011)

Christian Lindberg, Iceland Symphony Orchestra - Christian Lindberg Conducts Jan Sandstrom (2011)
WEB | FLAC (tracks) - 247 MB | 01:01:42
Genre: Classical | Label: BIS

Jan Sandström (b. 1954) is among the most frequently performed Swedish composers on the international scene today. His ‘Motorbike Concerto’ for trombone and orchestra is for instance one of the most played Swedish orchestral works of all times, with more than 600 performances since its première in 1989. The Motorbike Concerto was the first major result of the collaboration between Sandström and the trombone virtuoso Christian Lindberg – a collaboration which has evolved over the years, to the point that Lindberg here conducts the Iceland Symphony Orchestra in four works reflecting Sandström’s trajectory as composer for orchestra, from Éra (1979–80) to Ocean Child in its revised 2004 version.
Christian Lindberg - 40 Years on Stage (2021) [Official Digital Download]

Christian Lindberg - 40 Years on Stage (2021) [Official Digital Download]
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/48 kHz | Front Cover | Time - 76:25 minutes | 642 MB
Classical | Label: EUROPEAN GRAMOPHONE, Official Digital Download

Christian Lindberg (born 15 February 1958) is a Swedish trombonist, conductor and composer.
Sakari Oramo, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Magnus Lindberg: Clarinet Concerto; Gran Duo; Chorale (2005)

Sakari Oramo, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra - Magnus Lindberg: Clarinet Concerto; Gran Duo; Chorale (2005)
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue & Log) ~ 204 Mb | Total time: 50:36 | Scans included
Classical | Label: Ondone | # ODE 1038-2 | Recorded: 2003, 2005

Even though Magnus Lindberg's music is densely textured, highly varied, and unpredictable, and as complex, dissonant, and explosive as the wildest avant-garde music, it is often surprisingly pleasant, accessible, and exciting, particularly so in the kaleidoscopic and insanely colorful Clarinet Concerto (2002). This spectacular piece may serve as the best introduction to Lindberg's extremely virtuosic, multilayered music, especially because the focus on a single line instrument clarifies many of Lindberg's procedures and ideas – which can often seem buried in his thicker orchestral works – and highlights them in vivid relief against the elaborate and lush accompaniment.

John Lindberg Trio - Straight from the Heart (2017)  Music

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John Lindberg Trio - Straight from the Heart (2017)

John Lindberg Trio - Straight from the Heart (2017)
Rock | 37:10 mins | MP3, 320 kbps | 85 MB
Label: Enviken Records

A steady, sympathetic accompanist and solid soloist, bassist John Lindberg's best-known for his work in the String Trio of New York. Lindberg studied music in Ann Arbor, MI, before moving to New York in 1977. He played and recorded in the Human Arts Ensemble with Joseph Bowie and Bobo Shaw in the late '70s, and worked with Anthony Braxton from 1978 to 1985. They performed in both Europe and America. Lindberg was a founding member of the String Trio of New York in 1979, and currently remains with the ensemble. He also worked in a trio with Jimmy Lyons and Sunny Murray in 1980. Lindberg lived and worked in Paris from 1980 to 1983, leading small combos, playing solo, and working in a group led by Murray that also featured John Tchicai. Lindberg has recorded as a leader for Cecma, Black Saint, West Wind, ITM, and Sound Aspects.
Christian Lindberg - The Best of Mozart (2021) [Official Digital Download]

Christian Lindberg - The Best of Mozart (2021)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/44.10 kHz | Time - 36:58 | 263 MB
Studio Master, Official Digital Download | Artwork: Front cover

Christian Lindberg is perhaps the first classical trombonist to maintain a successful full-time performing career as a soloist, now considered among the instrument's foremost exponents.

Jakob Lindberg - Bach on the Rauwolf Lute (2021)  Music

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Jakob Lindberg - Bach on the Rauwolf Lute (2021)

Jakob Lindberg - Bach on the Rauwolf Lute (2021)
FLAC tracks / MP3 320 kbps | 1:27:46 | 347 / 201 Mb
Genre: Classical / Label: BIS

Bach was renowned as a keyboard player as well as being an accomplished violinist, but as far as we know he didn't play the lute. He seems to have been fascinated by the instrument’s special sound qualities, however, and was clearly inspired by the possibilities of the "Lautenwerk". This was a gut-strung harpsichord designed to imitate the sound of the lute and at least some of the works usually referred to as "the Bach Lute Suites" were probably composed for this instrument.
Pasi Eerikainen, Emil Holmstrom - Ludwig van Beethoven, Bela Bartok, Magnus Lindberg: Sonatas (2015)

Pasi Eerikäinen, Emil Holmström - Beethoven, Lindberg, Bartók: Sonatas (2015)
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue&Log) ~ 254 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 161 Mb | Scans included
Genre: Classical | Label: Alba Records | # ABCD 379 | Time: 01:07:44

Sonatas includes works by Ludwig van Beethoven, Béla Bartók and Magnus Lindberg performed by pianist Pasi Eerikäinen and violin player Emil Holmström - Beethoven’s titanic Violin Sonata No. 9, Op.47, the Kreutzer Sonata, Hungarian composer Béla Bartók’s Violin Sonata No. 2, one of the most compelling creations of the composer’s avant-garde period. Sonatas, a world premiere on this recording, is a relatively early work by the Finnish Magnus Lindberg. In this work, the composer’s influence all hail from traditional musical traditions – German, French and Italian – though instead of fixating on Baroque or Classical styles, Lindberg takes inspiration from notable 20th-century composers. Pasi Eerikäinen plays first violin with the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Emil Holmström has a particular interest in the avant garde, be it Ferrucio Busoni, the Second Viennese School or electroacoustic music, which Holmström regularly performs as a member of the defunensemble.
BBC SO, London Sinfonietta, Oliver Knussen - Magnus Lindberg: Aura; Engine (2000)

Magnus Lindberg: Aura (In Memoriam Witold Lutosławski); Engine (2000)
BBC Symphony Orchestra; London Sinfonietta; Oliver Knussen, conductor

EAC | FLAC | Tracks (Cue&Log) ~ 261 Mb | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 125 Mb | Scans included
Classical, Contemporary | Label: Deutsche Grammophon | # 463 184-2 | 00:51:21

Magnus Lindberg burst onto the contemporary music scene in the 1980s with his early work Kraft (as in "power", and not the American food conglomerate and inventor of Velveeta cheese by-product substance), an avant-garde spectacular that took the "sound mass" procedures of Berio or Xenakis and wedded them to an explosive rhythmic energy. He's broadened his style since then, taking in tonal elements and even the occasional tune, but the rhythmic vitality remains, and his coloristic gifts, his ear for ever new and remarkable instrumental sound combinations, have only increased. Aura is a four-movement symphony as indescribable as it is a joy to hear. Dedicated to the memory of Lutoslawski, the piece shows its composer similarly possessed of a vibrant, communicative personal musical language. Although it plays continuously for about 37 minutes, newcomers to Lindberg's sound creations should start with the finale, a sort of dance that begins with simple tunefulness before finding itself in a sort of riotous minimalist hell. It's hugely fun, as is the entire work.
Jakob Lindberg - John Dowland: The Complete Solo Lute Music (1994/2008) [SACD] PS3 ISO

Jakob Lindberg - John Dowland: The Complete Solo Lute Music (1994/2008) [SACD] PS3 ISO
Classical, Instrumental | SACD ISO: DSD64 2.0 > 1-bit/2.8224 MHz
Run Time: 04:15:44 | 3.49 GB + 5% Recovery
Label: BIS Records | Release Year: 2008

NB Ultra Extended Playing Time - This product can only be played on a machine with SACD capability (super audio single layer). It cannot be played on a conventional CD player. This pioneering recording, which was first released in 1995 as a set of four conventional CDs, contains the complete solo lute pieces ascribed to John Dowland. As opposed to the composer’s lute songs and instrumental dances, which Dowland himself carefully prepared for publication, his lute solos have survived in much less reliable versions. Jakob Lindberg, lute professor at the Royal College of Music, brought all of his expertise to bear in preparing the scores and choosing among variant versions for his recordings, and also wrote the informative liner notes included in this edition.