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Scorpions - Still Loving You (1992)  Music

Posted by popsakov at May 12, 2020
Scorpions - Still Loving You (1992)

Scorpions - Still Loving You (1992)
EAC Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 400 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 149 Mb
Full Scans ~ 59 Mb | 01:01:47 | RAR 5% Recovery
Hard Rock | Harvest / Electrola #YS 017

Still Loving You is a compilation album by the German hard rock band Scorpions. Subtitled More Gold Ballads, the record is a follow-up to the 1985 compilation Gold Ballads. Nine of the tracks were remixed for this album by Erwin Musper at Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum, the Netherlands. The song "Living for Tomorrow" appears here for the first time.

Scorpions - Comeblack (2011) {Sony Japan}  Music

Posted by tiburon at Oct. 26, 2019
Scorpions - Comeblack (2011) {Sony Japan}

Scorpions - Comeblack (2011) {Sony Japan}
EAC 1.0b3 | FLAC tracks level 8 | Cue+Log+M3U | Full Scans 150dpi | 506MB + 5% Recovery
MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 166MB + 5% Recovery
Genre: Hard Rock

Comeblack is a compilation of songs recorded by German hard rock band Scorpions; and is intended as a comeback album, following their farewell tour. Released after the successful 2010's Sting in the Tail, half of the album features re-recorded versions of their own classic songs and the other half cover versions of 1960s and early 1970s popular rock songs. It was announced on 3 October 2011, with a planned global release date of 4 November and a US release on 24 January 2012. Comeblack was also released for streaming online by AOL Music on 23 January 2012. The album was released by Sony Music Entertainment and available in both CD and vinyl formats.
Scorpions - Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years (1997) {Japan 1st Press}

Scorpions - Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years (1997) {Japan 1st Press}
2CD | EAC Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 1,04 Gb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 378 Mb
Full Scans ~ 158 Mb | 01:18:12 + 01:18:55 | RAR 5% Recovery
Hard Rock | Mercury / PolyGram K.K. #PHCR-4071/72

It's quite difficult to find a young person who knows about the Scorpions. Even when their careers were peaking in the '80s, they were never widely recognized, existing always as more of an underground band. The lack of hit singles produced by the group is by no means a judgment of its talent, however, as Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years proves. Some may find the fact that Mercury made the compilation a double-disc set surprising – again due to the band's small following – but the album is far better than the single-disc collection Best of Rockers 'n' Ballads. Following chronologically from 1979 to 1993 (thus covering the years in which the band enjoyed its most success), Deadly Sting rips through the favorites "Loving You Sunday Morning," "The Zoo," "Blackout," "No One Like You," "Big City Nights," "Still Loving You," "Rock You Like a Hurricane," "Rhythm of Love," "Wind of Change," and "Don't Believe Her," finally concluding with two unreleased recordings from 1995.
Scorpions: Collection (1974 - 2015) [Vinyl Rip 16/44 & mp3-320]

Scorpions: Collection (1974 - 2015)
19 x Vinyl Rip 16/44 | Flac(Image + Cue) > 6813 Mb
MP3 CBR 320Kbps > 2393 Mb | Artwork > 1923 Mb
Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Heavy Metal

Scorpions are a German rock band formed in 1965 in Hanover by Rudolf Schenker. Since the band's inception, its musical style has ranged from hard rock to heavy metal. The lineup from 1978–92 was the most successful incarnation of the group, and included Klaus Meine (vocals), Rudolf Schenker (rhythm guitar), Matthias Jabs (lead guitar), Francis Buchholz (bass guitar), and Herman Rarebell (drums). The band's only constant member has been Schenker, although Meine has been the lead singer for all of the band's studio albums, and Jabs has been a consistent member since 1979…

Scorpions - Pure Instinct (1996) [Japanese edition]  Music

Posted by v3122 at May 30, 2021
Scorpions - Pure Instinct (1996) [Japanese edition]

Scorpions - Pure Instinct (1996)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
EastWest, AMCE-950 | ~ 402 or 131 Mb | Scans(jpg) -> 108 Mb
Hard Rock

Pure Instinct is the thirteenth studio album by the German hard rock band Scorpions, released in 1996. The cover art for this album, as with several earlier Scorpions albums, was replaced with an alternative cover for some releases due to the nudity on the original cover…

Scorpions - Return To Forever (2015) [Japan Press, Blu-spec CD2]  Music

Posted by Andi_Deris at Oct. 4, 2017
Scorpions - Return To Forever (2015) [Japan Press, Blu-spec CD2]

Scorpions - Return To Forever (2015) [Japan Press, Blu-spec CD2]
EAC Rip | FLAC: Image+Cue+Log | 535 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 177 Mb | Scans | 119 Mb | Time: 01:11:07
RCA/Sony Music | SICP-30719
Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Return to Forever is the eighteenth studio album by German rock band Scorpions. It was released on February 20, 2015 in Europe and on February 23 in North America. As the opposite usually happens, the brand-new SCORPIONS studio album "Return To Forever" has appeared later in Japan - just three days ago - however worth the wait as it's manufactured on the superior Blu-Spec CD2 format, and apart of including the European deluxe edition 4 bonus, adds 2 exclusive to this release. This "Return To Forever Japanese Blu-Spec CD2" worth the extra pennies. The Digipak is velvet-textured, and you have two exclusive bonus tracks: the kickin' hard rocker "One And One Is Three" very much in the '84 Scorpions vibe (and a crime that it is not included in the regular CD), plus the hooky "Crazy Ride", a melodic rocker in the pure Schenker tradition.

Scorpions - Live At Wacken Open Air 2006 (2007)  Music

Posted by Andi_Deris at Jan. 24, 2017
Scorpions - Live At Wacken Open Air 2006 (2007)

Scorpions - Live At Wacken Open Air 2006 (2007)
DVD9 | Video: PAL 720x576 (16:9) anamorphic | Audio: DD 5.1, PCM 2.0 | 7 Gb | Scans | Time: 139 min
SONY BMG Music | 88697288579
Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Celebrating their 35 anniversary, Germany’s most successful Heavy Metal band, Scorpions, invited former members Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker and Herman Rarebell to join them onstage at Wacken Open Air 2006. Billed as “A Night To Remember, A Journey Through Time”, the August 3rd performance’s setlist was voted on by fans around the world via the Scorpions’ website and witnessed by over 60,000 metalheads in attendance.

Scorpions - Wind Of Change: The Collection (2013)  Music

Posted by popsakov at Jan. 29, 2020
Scorpions - Wind Of Change: The Collection (2013)

Scorpions - Wind Of Change: The Collection (2013)
EAC Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 585 Mb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 203 Mb
Full Scans | 01:19:24 | RAR 5% Recovery
Hard Rock, Heavy Metal | Universal Music / Spectrum Music #SPEC2141

Though it appears to be a best-of album, Wind of Change: The Collection mainly focuses on the German rockers' output from the early '90s, entirely skipping over iconic rockers like "Rock You Like a Hurricane" to provide a pretty narrow look at the band's prolific career. Fans of the band should also note that this compilation is a repackaging of 2002's Classic Bites, with the only difference being the packaging.

Scorpions - The Platinum Collection: Three CD Set (2005)  Music

Posted by popsakov at April 5, 2020
Scorpions - The Platinum Collection: Three CD Set (2005)

Scorpions - The Platinum Collection: Three CD Set (2005)
EAC Rip | FLAC (Img) + Cue + Log ~ 1,59 Gb | MP3 CBR320 ~ 519 Mb
Full Scans ~ 46 Mb | 03:35:07 | RAR 5% Recovery
Hard Rock | EMI / Capitol Music #00946 340407 2 3

The Platinum Collection is a compilation album by German hard rock band Scorpions, released in 2005. It is one of the band's few career-spanning sets, featuring their better-known Mercury Records material, as well as the earlier material with Ulrich Roth. It appears as though many metalheads lost track of the Scorpions after their whistle-heavy ballad, "Wind of Change," hit in 1991. But as fans who have faithfully stuck by the group's side will tell you, they have continued to issue new albums and tour on a regular basis since then. And while there have been quite a few Scorpions compilations issued over the years, none traced their career over a 30-year span from 1974's In Trance through 2004's Unbreakable…

Scorpions - Lovedrive (1979)  Music

Posted by v3122 at May 10, 2021
Scorpions - Lovedrive (1979)

Scorpions - Lovedrive (1979)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
1988 | EMI, CDP 7 46733 2 | ~ 232 or 87 Mb | Scans(png) -> 39 Mb
Hard Rock

Prior to Lovedrive's recording, the Scorpions' lineup had a major change when their lead guitarist, Uli Jon Roth, quit the group (not to mention, the rock genre was rapidly changing). With this in mind, the band not only highlighted the album with the licks and riffs of three guitarists (Rudolf Schenker, Michael Schenker, Matthias Jabs), but they also dramatically changed their style to sound more like that of Van Halen…