I Love My Dad (2022)  Video

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I Love My Dad (2022)

I Love My Dad (2022)
WEB-DL 1080p | MKV | 1 h 35 min | 7.00 GB | 1920x960 | AVC@9639 kb/s | English AC3@640 kb/s, 6 ch
Genre: Comedy

A hopelessly estranged father catfishes his son in an attempt to reconnect.

This Is Love (2009)  Video

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This Is Love (2009)

This Is Love (2009)
DVDRip | MKV | 720x304 | XviD @ 1191 Kbps | 106 min | 1,22 Gb
Audio: Deutsch AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps | Subs: English (embedded in MKV)
Genre: Drama

Set in Vietnam and Germany, This Is Love centers on Chris and the nine-year-old Jenjira on the run from the mafia. Together with his friend Holger, Chris bought the young Vietnamese girl's freedom from human traffickers – without actually being able to pay. Meanwhile, the female detective Maggie learns after 16 years why her husband up and left her without a word. These two worlds come together when Chris is accused of murder and Maggie is charged with interrogating him…

Thirst for Love (1966) Ai no kawaki [The Criterion Collection]  Video

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Thirst for Love (1966) Ai no kawaki [The Criterion Collection]

Thirst for Love (1966)
DVDRip | MKV | 718x352 | x264 @ 1900 Kbps | 99 min | 1,59 Gb
Audio: Japanese (日本語) AC3 1.0 @ 384 Kbps | Subs: English (embedded in MKV)
Genre: Drama

Koreyoshi Kurahara adapted a novel by Yukio Mishima for Thirst for Love (Ai no kawaki), a tense psychological drama about a young woman who is widowed after marrying into a wealthy family, and becomes sexually involved with her father-in-law, while harboring a destructive obsession with the family gardener. Kurahara’s atmospheric style is a perfect match for Mishima’s brooding sensuality.

Crazy Love (1987) [Mondo Macabro - OUT OF PRINT]  Video

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Crazy Love (1987) [Mondo Macabro - OUT OF PRINT]

Crazy Love (1987)
A Film by Dominique Deruddere
DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC 16:9 | 01:26:43 | 5,36 Gb
Audio: Nederlands AC3 2.0 @ 448 Kbps | Subs: English
Genre: Art-house, Drama | Mondo Macabro

Taking his cue from stories by cult American author Charles Bukowski, Deruddere's film tells the story of a man's life via three nights, spread over 20 years. We see his hero, Harry Voss, first as a romantic young boy of 12, then as an acne ridden teenager, lost in unrequited love, and finally as a drink sodden drop out, for whom no act is too dreadful to contemplate… with terrible and yet deeply moving consequences.

Love You More S01E01 Pilot (2017)  Video

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Love You More S01E01 Pilot (2017)

Love You More S01E01 Pilot
WEBRip | MKV | 1920x1080 | English | h264 @ 9303 kbps | Audio: EAC3 5.1(side) @ 640 kb/s | 33:58 | 2.26 GB
Genre: Comedy

Love You More stars New York City cabaret sensation Bridget Everett (Patti Cake) as Karen Best, with Bobcat Goldthwait (God Bless America) directing and Michael Patrick King (Sex and the City, The Comeback, 2 Broke Girls) showrunning.

Blume in Love (1973)  Video

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Blume in Love (1973)

Blume in Love (1973)
DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC, 16:9 (720x480) VBR | 01:15:32 | 4.91 Gb
Audio: AC3 1.0 @ 192 Kbps: English, Français | Subs: English, Français, Español
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

In the Los Angeles of yoga, therapy, and well-off liberals, a divorcé decides that his ex-wife is the love of his life in Paul Mazursky's romantic comedy. Beverly Hills divorce lawyer Stephen Blume (George Segal) becomes his own client when his social worker wife Nina (Susan Anspach) throws him out for sleeping with his secretary. Only then does Blume realize that he can't live without Nina, even though she seems fine without him, and he has a new sex partner in divorcée Arlene (Marsha Mason). So what does he do to win Nina back? Befriend her laid-back musician beau, Elmo (Kris Kristofferson), show up at her house with breakfast bagels, eavesdrop on her therapy sessions, and forcibly impregnate her, of course. Banished to their former honeymoon site in Venice, Italy while Nina thinks things over, Blume reflects on his past and his obsession, as he dreamily hopes for the best. Cutting between Blume's musings on love and loss in Venice's Piazza San Marco and the events in L.A. that brought him there, Mazursky humorously yet sharply dissects the complications of marriage in the let-it-all-hang-out Me Decade of the 1970s.

Love Is Love Is Love (2020)  Video

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Love Is Love Is Love (2020)

Love Is Love Is Love (2020)
WEBRip | 1h 27mn | 720x400 | MP4 AVC@1100Kbps | AAC@256Kbps 2CH | 0.83 GiB
WEBRip 1080p | 1h 27mn | 1920x1080 | MP4 AVC@2500Kbps | AAC@224Kbps 2CH | 1.67 GiB
WEB-DL 1080p | 1h 27mn | 1920x1080 | MKV AVC@8250Kbps | AC3@384Kbps 6CH | 5.25 GiB
Subs: English, Български, Čeština, Hrvatski, Magyar, македонски, Polski, Română, Slovenščina, Српски
Language: English | Genre: Comedy , Drama , Romance

A woven tale of three stories that explore love, commitment, and loyalty between couples and friends.

Раба Любви / Raba lyubvi / A Slave of Love (1975)  Video

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Раба Любви / Raba lyubvi / A Slave of Love (1975)

Раба Любви / Raba lyubvi / A Slave of Love (1975)
DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | NTSC, 4:3 (720x480) VBR | 01:29:22 | 7.4 Gb
Audio: Русский AC3 5.1 @ 448 Kbps or AC3 1.0 @ 96 Kbps | Subs: English, Français, Русский
Genre: Drama, Romantic Drama, Tragicomedy

The 1920s’ Civil War in Russia. In a small Southern town occupied by the White Guards, a film group from Moscow is shooting a salon drama under the title of “Slave of Love”. Invited to play the leads are a silent film star, Olga Voznesenskaya, (the character’s prototype is the famous early-20th-century Russian actress Vera Kholodnaya) and no less prominent movie actor Maksakov. The cameraman Victor Pototsky is clandestinely making the documentary filming of arrests and shootings, carried out in the town by the White Army Counterintelligence. Victor is in love with Olga, and he is trying to explain to this gorgeous, politically ignorant woman the monstrosity of what is going on in Russia.

I Love You, America S01E04  Video

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I Love You, America S01E04

I Love You, America S01E04
MKV | 1280x720 | English | h264 @ 3000 kbps | Audio: AAC Stereo | 33:09 | 0.71 GB

This Is Life With Lisa Ling S04E06 Modern Love  Video

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This Is Life With Lisa Ling S04E06 Modern Love

This Is Life With Lisa Ling S04E06 Modern Love
WEBRip | MKV | 1276x720 | English | h264 @ 2332 kbps | Audio: AC3 5.1(side) @ 448 kb/s | 41:59 | 0.70 GB

Award-winning journalist and author Lisa Ling reports on unconventional lifestyles in the U.S. The former co-host of "The View" introduces viewers to subcultures and communities that are extraordinary and sometimes dangerous, and her interpersonal skills prompt interviewees to discuss matters they don't share with close friends or even family.