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«A Stan & Ollie Festival» by Joe Bevilacqua  Audiobooks

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«A Stan & Ollie Festival» by Joe Bevilacqua

«A Stan & Ollie Festival» by Joe Bevilacqua
English | ISBN: 9781982697228 | MP3@64 kbps | 3h 15m | 89.4 MB

One Good Turn  Movies

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One Good Turn

One Good Turn (1931)
Down and out Stan and Ollie beg for food from a friendly old lady who provides them with sandwiches. While eating, they overhear the lady's landlord tell her he's going to throw her out because she can't pay her mortgage. They don't realize that the old lady is really rehearsing for a play. Stan and Ollie decide to help the old lady by selling their car. During the auction a drunk puts a wallet in Stan's pocket. Ollie accuses Stan of robbing the old lady, but when the truth is revealed Stan takes revenge on Ollie.

«Deconstructing Laurel & Hardy» by Joe Bevilacqua  Audiobooks

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«Deconstructing Laurel & Hardy» by Joe Bevilacqua

«Deconstructing Laurel & Hardy» by Joe Bevilacqua
English | ISBN: 9781483096926 | MP3@64 kbps | 1h 00m | 27.9 MB
Laurel & Hardy - The Definitive Restorations (1927-1937) + [Bonus Extras]

Laurel & Hardy - The Definitive Restorations (1927-1937)
Blu-ray | BDMV | 8 hr 31 min | 4 x 44.50 GB | 1920x1080 | AVC@28 Mb/s
English PCM@1536 kb/s, 2 ch | English PCM@768 kb/s, 1 ch
Subs: English
Genre: Comedy, Short, Western

STAN AND OLLIE LOOK AND SOUND BETTER THAN EVER! New 2K and 4K digital restorations from original 35mm nitrate, Laurel and Hardy's classic comedies are here in the best quality since their first release! Two features and 17 shorts, including the legendary pie-fight silent film "The Battle of the Century," making its video debut and nearly complete for the first time in over 90 years!

Come Clean  Movies

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Come Clean

Come Clean (1931)
The Hardys wish to have a quiet evening in their apartment, but are interrupted when the Laurels pay a visit. Stan and Ollie go out for ice cream, and manage to prevent a shrewish woman from committing suicide on the way back home. The woman is ungrateful and makes threats against the them unless they look after her. They spend a chaotic evening trying to keep her hidden from their wives.

The Big Noise  Movies

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The Big Noise

The Big Noise (1944)
During World War II Stan and Ollie find themselves as improbable bodyguards to an eccentric inventor and his strategically important new bomb.
Action  Adventure  Comedy 

Bonnie Scotland  Movies

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Bonnie Scotland

Bonnie Scotland (1935)
Stan and Ollie stow away to Scotland expecting to inherit the MacLaurel estate. When things don't quite turn out that way, they unwittingly enlist in the Scottish army and are posted to India.

Way Out West  Movies

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Way Out West

Way Out West (1937)
Stan and Ollie try to deliver the deed to a valuable gold mine to the daughter of a dead prospector. Unfortunately, the daughter's evil guardian is determined to have the gold mine for himself and his saloon-singer wife.
Action  Comedy  Western 

Berth Marks  Movies

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Berth Marks

Berth Marks (1929)
The story involves Stan and Ollie as two musicians attempting to travel by train to Pottsville (presumably Pennsylvania, a very popular vaudeville performance location). It was only their second sound film, but a silent version was also made for cinemas at the time that were not equipped to show talkies.

Utopia  Movies

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Utopia (1950)
Stan and Ollie are marooned on an atoll. This was their last film together.